Robo Camp

Robocamp is a 3-4 day workshop which expose students to technology and foster innovation by nurturing their creativity. We introduce the concepts of robotics and electronics with inputs from the experts of the Education Industry. In this program students are exposed to the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more popularly known as STEM Education.

The camps' course is designed in such a way as to create a spark within the students and to give them an opportunity to design something of their own outside of school curriculum. During the program, various Hands-on activities are conducted in the school where challenges are thrown to the students and they are encouraged to come up with innovative solutions.

The guide teaches the theoretical concepts while the students explore the kit provided to them. This 'learning by doing' method of teaching proves to be quite fruitful. In addition to the above, at the end of every Robotics session, we share various real life examples with the student so that the learning does not stop once the session is over. Our program is specially designed for the students of class 3rd onwards. Students construct different robots during this course.

All in all, this camp aims at teaching students robotics and enhancing their problem solving abilities, all this while keeping in mind, to be able to relate to the school curriculum.