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Our objective is to be recognized and trusted as a pioneer in STEM & Robotics Education globally.


STEM Lab creates an atmosphere of learning by doing. STIL accepts and delivers the basic idea of STEM - Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics. The basic idea behind setting up this lab is to provide students with the necessary tools to implement hands-on project-based learning of key STEM concepts. STEM Lab is a project based, hands-on learning solution which enables students to apply their knowledge to use.

Our STEM Tinkering and innovation lab is inspired by ATL. The course and projects designed are to enhance the creative and problem solving abilities of the students.

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RoboShala is the Robotics Lab which we introduce in Schools for students to investigate fundamental applications in science with efforts balanced between "Theoretical Inquiries" and "Experimental Demonstrations". With this concept we aim to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that the students incorporate and the practical knowledge via projects and models.

With the help of Robotics kits (Hardware & Software) and Curriculum, students are able to understand much more as compared to the conventional method. This innovative method of hands-on teaching is delivered via STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

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Stem Club

The STEM clubs are specifically designed for the students of class 3rd onwards. These sessions deliver theoretical as well as practical concepts. The program is conducted over 15-20 sessions in schools as per the schedule proposed by School.

Students develop more than 10 different projects during the course. The club course is designed in such a way that the students have a thorough knowledge in the basics of robotics and electronics.

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RoboShiksha is introduced as a Robotics club activity in Schools. The RoboShiksha club is conducted in computer lab for students of class 6th onwards and in normal classroom for class 2nd to 5th. Students are taught about Robot building, Programming and Science concepts using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. This small step in the RoboShiksha builds the future success of students.

During the program various activities are conducted in the schools. Teachers first explain the activity and concept and then the students start exploring their kits and come up with their solutions.

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Robo Camp

Robo Camp is a 3-4 day workshop which expose students to technology and foster innovation by nurturing their creativity. We introduce the concepts of robotics and electronics with inputs from the experts of the Education Industry. In this program students are exposed to the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more popularly known as STEM Education.

The camps' course is designed in such a way as to create a spark within the students and to give them an opportunity to design something of their own outside of school curriculum. During the program, various Hands-on activities are conducted in the school where challenges are thrown to the students and they are encouraged to come up with innovative solutions.

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Who we are?

ThinnkWare's objective is to be recognized as a world leader in STEM & Robotics Education and trusted by all its stakeholders.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between school education and the hands-on learning. We have designed courses in such a way that a school student is able to relate to the textbook knowledge and is able to reciprocate it through its application in robotics using us as a medium.

With a passion in Robotics and keeping constant eye on various national & international events, we have a vast experience in the same and a constant focus in this grooming industry.

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