Atal Tinkering Lab

“ABL Education has been listed in the indicative vendor list by Niti Aayog in 2018”

Welcome to Atal Tinkering Lab, where innovation meets education! ATL is an approach of the Government of India under the mission AIM - Atal Innovation Mission to create an environment of scientific temperament amongst Indian Students. Our Atal Tinkering Lab services are designed to ignite young minds, foster creativity, and promote hands-on learning experiences. As a pioneer in education, we are committed to providing a dynamic and enriching environment for students to explore, experiment, and innovate.

The labs are powered with 3D printers, robotics, electronics development tools, IoT & and sensors, etc. The lab activities are designed to spur the spark of creativity and go beyond regular curriculum and textbook learning. The labs will let students explore skills of the future such as design and computational thinking, adaptive learning, and artificial intelligence.

Know our services in ATL which makes learning more impactful.

  •   Comprehensive ATL Setup: We specialize in setting up state-of-the-art Atal Tinkering Labs in educational institutions. From infrastructure planning to equipment installation, we ensure that every ATL is fully equipped with the latest technology, fostering a conducive environment for innovation
  •   Customized Curriculum Development: Our experienced educators design tailored curricula that seamlessly integrate with the school's academic syllabus. These curricula emphasize practical skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking, empowering students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The curriculum is developed grade-wise on courses such as Robotics, IoT, AI, Coding, etc.
  •   Professional Mentorship:
  •   Empowering Teachers: We organize engaging workshops and training sessions focused on robotics, coding, electronics, and other STEM-related fields. These sessions enhance teachers' technical skills, creativity, and innovation, encouraging them to think beyond conventional boundaries.
  •   Interactive Learning Resources: ABL Education offers a wealth of interactive learning resources, including online tutorials, educational videos, and project ideas. These resources serve as valuable supplements to classroom learning, providing students with the tools they need to excel in their innovative pursuits.
  •   Competitions: We provide an opportunity for the students to participate in the national-level competition “Kreativity League” and also to participate in other national-level, state-level, or district-level inter-school and intra-school competitions. We also host a competition in the school and prepare the students to compete in the outside world.
  •   Continuous Technical Support: Our dedicated technical support team ensures that every Atal Tinkering Lab functions smoothly. We provide continuous assistance, troubleshooting services, and regular maintenance to guarantee that students have uninterrupted access to the resources they need.
  •   Compliance Support: We support the schools to follow complete compliance as per guidelines so that schools can completely focus on innovation.

Engage ABL Education in your ATL if you aim at a result-oriented outcome.

At ABL Education, we are passionate about nurturing the innovators of tomorrow. Through our Atal Tinkering Lab services, we aim to inspire, educate, and empower students to dream big and transform their ideas into reality. Join us in this exciting journey of exploration, creativity, and innovation. Together, let’s shape a future where innovation knows no bounds!