Summer Tinkering Camp

STEM Boot Camp – 21st May – 30th June 2018

Tinkering Camp in Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Drone

About STEM Tinkering Camp


STEM Tinkering Camp is an initiative of ThinnkWare to make students’ science concepts understanding easier through hands-on learning integrating STEM Education. This is a unique course designed for school students performing some cool activities during their hot summer vacation.

Unlike our previous RoboCamp this year we have conceptualized the STEM tinkering camp understanding the need of the hour. Along with our regular Robotics courses, we have introduced electronics projects & Arduino Programming.

The sole purpose of STEM Boot Camp is to provide the student with a platform where they are exposed to the most critical concepts in Education. Each participating student becomes a part of the subject and experiences Science by the idea of Learning by doing.

We strongly believe that this unique process of teaching is beyond all existing conventional teaching processes. We provide the student with a platform and encourage him to use his logic and build the bot. The overall objective of the program is create a fun environment where at the end of every session, the student is given ample time to get accustomed with the robot. The program helps the student in getting visual grasp of concepts of Math and Science thereby enhancing the problem solving skills. In addition to the above, at the end of ever session, we share various real life examples with the student so that the learning does not stop once the session is over.


The STEM tinkering camp offers 5 courses:

Robotics Tinkering is a basic fun camp in Robotics, where students will be learning how to make different mechanical & programmable robots. They will make 8 different Robots and also learn the science concepts. Participants: Class 3 onwards, who are interested in Robotics.

Takeaway kit: MechanzO 6+ Robot kit.
Duration: 2 weeks (8 days & 12 hours).

Robotics covers subjects like Electronics, Mechanical, and Programming skills. A student can explore various connections between these subjects. Each student is given a Problem Statements and encouraged to use his/her logic to come up with an innovative design every time they use the MechanzO.

Robotics activities

Day Activity Name Kit used
M Introduction to Robot parts MechanzO 6+
T Speedster MechanzO 6+
W Crane MechanzO 6+
T Chopper MechanzO 6+
M Introduction to LinkUp MechanzO 12+
T Crazy Car MechanzO 12+
W Drawing Robot MechanzO 12+
T Obstacle Avoider MechanzO 12+
Day Robotics Electronics
M Introduction to Basic Electronics components Electronics Pro
T Automatic Street light controller Electronics Pro
W Melody generator Electronics Pro
T LED Flasher Through Transistor Electronics Pro
F Motor Controller Using Transistor Electronics Pro
M Water Level Indicator Electronics Pro
T Headlight Reminder Electronics Pro+
W Audio Amplifier Electronics Pro+
T Automatic fan controller Electronics Pro+
F Display counter on 7 segment Electronics Pro+
DayActivitiesKit used
MFundamentals of C Programming
TIntroduction to Arduino Uno & basics of ProgrammingArduino Pro
WIntroduction to Arduino IDE & interfacing I/O devicesArduino Pro
T LED & Switch Interfacing Arduino Pro
F 7 Segment & Motor Interfacing Arduino Pro
S LCD Interfacing Arduino Pro
M Analog IR/Light Sensor interfacing Arduino Pro
T Automatic street light control Arduino Pro
W Home security sensor Arduino Pro
T ADC & Interrupt interfacing Arduino Pro+
F PWM & Serial communication Arduino Pro+
S LED control using Bluetooth Arduino Pro+
Raspberry Pi Tinkering is an advanced level course for students who are interested to work hands-on programming on the open source processor Raspberry Pi using Python. Student will work on Raspberry Pi boards and interface peripherals. Participants: Class 9 onwards

Takeaway kit: Raspberry Pi tinkering kit. Duration: 2 weeks (12 days & 24 hours).

Raspberry Pi Programming & making hands-on Projects

Day Activities Kit used
M Getting started Raspberrypi Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
T Introduction to Raspberrypi Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
W Introduction to Python Programming Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
T LED Interfacing & various patterns Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
F Switch Interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
S LDR Interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
M IR Sensor Interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
T PIR Sensor Interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
W Seven Segment Interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
T LCD interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
F DC Motor Interfacing with L293d driver Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
S HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor interfacing Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
Drone Tinkering is an advanced course in which we teach about aerial mechanics, propellers, stability & control of aerial vehicles through sensor. Participants: Class 9 onwards.

Takeaway kit: Pluto drone kit. Duration: 2 weeks (10 days & 20 hours).

Drone: Assembling your drone & understanding the concept of flying mechanics.

Day Activities Kit used
M Introduction & Application Pluto Drone
T Dynamics of Aerial system Pluto Drone
W Design aspects, Stability & Control Pluto Drone
T Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, Barometer Pluto Drone
M Motors: Brushless, Propellers, Battery Pluto Drone
T Building instructions Pluto Drone
W Flying instructions Pluto Drone

Summary of Camp

  •  STEM Tinkering camp is specially designed 2 weeks courses for the students of class 3 onwards.
  •  Each session is a mix of practical and theory and is mapped with concrete learning outcome.
  •  Each student will get a takeaway kit/kits at the end of the program.
  •  There is a competition at the end of the camp.
  •  If the student enrols in 2 courses then 5% discount is offered on the second course, or if student enrols for more than 2 courses then 5% discount will be offered in both the courses.
  •  If students enrol in a group of 5 then there an additional discount of 5% is offered.
  •  A certificate of participation is given at the end of the program.
  •  Location: Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Vijaywada, Kadapa, Dehradun.


Camp Details

Course Name Duration Cost Takeaway Kit
Robotics Tinkering 8 days (12 hours) Rs. 4000 MechanzO 6+ Robot kit
Electronics Tinkering 10 days (18 hours) Rs. 4500 Electronics Tinkering kit Pro & Pro+
Arduino Tinkering 12 days (24 hours) Rs. 6500 Arduino Tinkering kit Pro & Pro+
Raspberry Pi Tinkering 12 days (24 hours) Rs. 8500 Raspberry Pi Tinkering Kit
Drone Tinkering 7 days (14 hours) Rs. 8500 Pluto Drone
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*fee is non-refundable & non-transferable

Terms and Conditions:

  •  Above cost is inclusive of GST
  •  100% Payment in advance with online registration on
  •  Cost of takeaway kit is included in the program cost.
  •  Registration starts from 15th April’18 and ends on 20th May’18
  •  Early bird discount of 10% is offered for the registration done by or before 5th May’18.
  •  Early bird discount of 5% is offered for the registration done between 6th May’18 – 12th May’18.


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