STEM Tinkering and Innovation Lab

STEM lab creates an atmosphere of learning by doing. STIL accepts and delivers the basic idea of STEM - Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics. The basic idea behind setting up this lab is to provide students with the necessary tools to implement hands-on project‐based learning of key STEM concepts. STEM Lab is a project based, hands‐on learning solution which enables students to apply their knowledge to use.

Our STEM Tinkering and innovation lab is inspired by ATL. The course and projects designed are to enhance the creative and problem solving abilities of the students.

The objectives of STIL are:

  •   Learning beyond classroom
  •   Hands-on learning & practical knowledge
  •   Engaging and fun to learn environment
  •   Develops competitiveness and teamwork
  •   Induce thinking and innovation


The STILs are setup in schools with innovative MechanzO kits and Linkup software. The curriculum is mapped with 200+ activities which are designed to keep in mind the school provided knowledge. A full time mentor conducts classes and also guide students who participate in various National/International competitions. STIL conducts various Summer and Winter camps so that students don't miss out on learning.


We provide the schools with 4 STIL packages:

Package 1

  •  Electronics Development, Internet of things sensors, STEM kits
  •  Robotics kits
  •  GUI Programming software Linkup

Package 2

  •  Rapid Prototyping Tools
  •  3D Printer

Package 3

  •  Electrical Tools
  •  Mechanical tools
  •  Measurement Tools

Package 4

  •  Power Supply, Accessories and Safety Equipments

We ensure school students to learn the concepts of robotics and electronics within their school campus with best of technology, innovation labs and professional guide. We aim at strengthening concepts of science, engineering, physics and mathematics, through practical implementation. Our aim is to prepare students for future where Automation and Robotics will replace many jobs known today.

In all STIL is a platform for your child's development and towards taking the first step in the world of technology.