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About ABL Education

Transforming Young Minds into Innovators

The idea of “ABL” is conceptualized after decades of experience in Education, to develop “Activity Based Learning” in existing Education system. This resulted in a vision of creating an education environment which provides experiential learning for students, and also develop their mind in order to understand those concepts and apply them practically.

We leverage our intelligently curated technology tools & learning resources to foster 21st-century skills in kids by enabling them to tinker through Electronics, Coding, Robotics, IoT, and other STEM tools at an early age.

We have developed STEM and Robotics kits with the brand “MechanzO” which are used in 1000+ schools by 100000+ students PAN India.

We have a very competent team which includes the Eminent Advisors, Experienced Management, R&D team, STEM Mentors and Support team.

Awards & Recognition

  1.  NITI Aayog approved and validated vendor to set up the ATAL TINKERING LABS by NITI Aayog, Govt. Of India under MAKE IN INDIA initiative.
  2.  Appreciated by Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Ji for STEM concept back in 2008.
  3.  Proud recipient of MSME, GOI projects grant for the benefit of society.
  4.  Appreciated and featured in ET Now, famous Business News Channel for success in the project ‘Lufthansa Runway to Success’ programme.

About STEM Boot Camp

STEM Boot Camp is a Project based annual program for school students to experience, performing cool hands-on projects on various topics during their hot summer vacation.

This summer camp, will have projects on Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Game designing, App development and Python Coding. Each student can learn one or more topics and experiences integrated STEM through Learning by doing.

We strongly believe that this unique process of teaching is beyond all existing conventional teaching processes. As students are encouraged to think out of the box and enhance their logical thinking & critical thinking skills. With these fun activities at the end of every session, the student feels accomplished and learned. The program helps the student in enhancing the problem-solving skills. In addition to the above, at the end of every session, we share various real-life examples with the student and learning does not stop after the session is over as students have to develop and present a project after the completion of camp.


Courses Offered:

It is a fun course where children develop designing skills of stable working projects. They learn to make different mechanical robots and electronics circuits on breadboard.

Ideal for: Ages 8+ years.

Timing: 9:00 – 10:30.

Hands-on Activity Kit: MechanzO 9+ Robot kit & Electronics Tinkering kit Pro.

Duration: 2 weeks (10 days & 15 hours).

Activities Covered:

Day Topic Learning Outcome
1. Introduction to Robotics and Electronics Project - Remote Control Robot To understand the concepts of Robotics Learn to develop 4-wheeler robot
2. Introduction to Simple Machine Project - Explorer Robot students will understand the concepts of simple machine and its application
3. Project - Crane Model Understand the concepts behind real time crane and build their prototype
4. Project - Racing car Students will use their problem solving skills to develop light weight racing car
5. Challenge - Make fighter robot Learn to design fighter robot with different functionalities
6. Introduction to Electronics Project - To detect conductor and insulator Students will learn about different electronics components including transistor and their uses.
7. Introduction to light sensor Project-Automatic Street light Learn to design the real time based automatic street light with light sensor
8. Introduction to 555 Timer Project - LED Chaser Understand the concepts of timer. Learn to design chaser like ambulance light chaser
9. Project - Traffic Light Students will understand the circuit behind traffic light and make one prototype
10. Introduction to water pump Project - Automatic Soap dispenser Learn to design and develop dispenser for commercial use

In this course children learn programming skills and design autonomous projects using Arduino. They make different robots using Bluetooth & Sensors.

Ideal for: Ages 11+ years.

Timing: 10:45 – 12:15 and 14:30 – 16:00.

Hands-on Activity Kit: MechanzO 10+ Robot kit.

Duration: 2 weeks (12 days & 18 hours).

Note: Laptop is mandatory

Activities Covered:

Day Topic Explore with Arduino advance
1. Introduction to Arduino Project - Traffic Light To learn about the microcontroller and Arduino IDE software. To understand the basics of coding.
2. Introduction to ultrasonic sensor Project -Blind stick To understand the concept of sound wave and echolocation concept. Learn design blind stick circuit
3. Introduction to gas sensor Project - Gas Leakage Detector Learn about analog signals Learn to design circuit of gas leakage detector
4. Introduction to servo motor Project - Automatic Railway crossing To understand the concept of angle rotation in motor. Learn to design prototype of railway crossing
5. Introduction to LCD Project - Play with cursor To understand the concepts of display device Learn to print values at different position on lcd
6. Introduction to 7 segments Project - Automatic counter Understand the concepts behind counter in traffic light
7. Introduction to motor driver Project - Line Follower Robot To understand the concepts of motor driver. Learn to design a bot which follow the edge of a line
8. Project - Human Follower Robot Learn to design a robot which follows any objects Infront of them
9. Project - Autonomous Robot Learn to design explorer robot which will detect shortest path to travel
10. Project - Line Follower with obstacle avoider Learn to interface different sensor on bot to do multiple tasks at a time
11. Introduction to Bluetooth module Project - Home automation Understand the concepts of wireless communication. Learn to design prototypes of Alexa
12. Open Class Doubt and Revision class

Students who are interested to make hands-on applications which are online controlled, will get a chance to work on ESP8266 board and make IoT based autonomous projects.

Ideal for: Ages 12+ years.

Timing: 09:00 – 10:30 and 14:30 – 16:00.

Hands-on Activity Kit: IoT Node MCU Tinkering kit.

Duration: 2 weeks (12 days & 18 hours).

Note: Laptop is mandatory

Activities Covered:

Day Topic Learning Outcome
1. Introduction to Internet of Things and blynk server and application Understand the concepts of Internet of things and server
2. Project - Light monitoring Learn to design and code light monitoring system with blynk app
3. Project - IoT based smart home automation Understand the working concepts of home automation and design the same
4. Project - Air quality monitoring Learn to interface mq135 sensor to monitor the quality of air at specific location
5. Project - Weather monitoring system Learn to interface dht11 sensor to check the weather condition of any place
6. Project - Smart Irrigation system Students will use soil moisture sensor along with water pump to automate the irrigation system
7. Project - Controlling DC motor with relay Learn to control the motor from any other place without any physical touch
8. Project - IoT based industrial monitoring system learn to setup an application which can monitor industrial system
9. Project - IoT based smart dustbin Learn to create smart dustbin with ultrasonic sensor and servo motor
10. Project - Health monitoring system Learn to design a circuit which can monitor the health state of a person
11. Project - Food monitoring system Students will create a setup which will monitor food quality with MQ4 gas sensor
12. Open Class Doubt and Revision class

Students will learn to create animations, stories and computer games using Scratch software and design android Apps though MIT App inventor.

Ideal for: Ages 8+ years

Timing: 10:45 – 12:15.

Duration: 2 weeks (10 days & 15 hours).

Note: Laptop is mandatory

Activities Covered:

Day Topic Learning Outcome
1. Introduction to Scratch programming Project - Sprite Movements Learn about block-based programming Learn about motion blocks of scratch software
2. Project - Cat chasing rat game Learn to communicate between different sprites
3. Project - Draw multi colour sprite Learn to draw and design own sprites Learn to import external sprites in software
4. Project - Maze game Learn to use different blocks to make games Learn to build User Interface
5. Project - Dance Party animation Learn to create animations by using motion, sound and looks block
6. Project - Bouncing Ball Student will apply logic to make the ball bounce using sprites
7. Introduction to MIT app inventor Project - Web viewer Learn about MIT App inventor and its application in real time
8. Project - Hello Bee Learn to design an app
9. Project - Talk to me App Learn to design an app which can communicate like Alexa
10. Project - Translator App Learn to design an app which can translate language

Students will learn the in-demand Python programming language and make real time projects based on it; students will also be introduced about concepts of Artificial intelligence.

Ideal for: : Ages 12+ years.

Timing: 12:30 -14:00 and 16:30 -18:00

Duration: 2 weeks (12 days & 18 hours)

Note: Laptop is mandatory.

Activities Covered:

Day Topic Learning Outcome
1. Introduction to Python basic concepts Project - Design square pattern To learn the basics of Python programming language and turtle module.
2. Introduction to loop Project - Circle spirograph animation To learn the concepts of for loop and range function Learn to design basic animations with for loop and turtle module
3. Project - Introduction to nested loop Project - Square spirograph To understand the concepts of nested loop and its application in different projects
4. Introduction to control structure Project - Even number generator To learn the concepts of control structure
5. Project - Digital watch animation To design an animation using python turtle, time and datetime module
6. Project - Turtle race game Learn to develop first game with python turtle with core concepts
7. Introduction to function Project - Good night animation To understand the concepts of function and its type. Learn to use function in animation
8. Project - Space Invader game Learn to develop space invader game by creating different sprites with turtle
9. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Project - Read and show images To understand the concepts of AI Learn to read and display images from system
10. Project - Image Thresholding Understand the concepts of thresholding and uses in image filtering
11. Project - Face Detection Learn to detect face of an object with haar cascade algorithm
12. Project - Eye Detection Learn to detect eye of an object with haar cascade algorithm


  •   STEM Boot camp is based on Experiential learning with hands-on activity.
  •   Course duration is 2 weeks and different courses are for the students of different age group.
  •   Each course is considered complete after submission of a Project (remove the sentence beyond this)
  •   Participation certificate after the Project presentation is done.
  •   Students should bring their laptops for all courses except Robocircuit
  •   Fees will be non-refundable but may be transferred to other course, in case of change of decision.


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