Residential Teacher's Training Program by ABL EDUCATION LLP.

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ABL Education - Transforming Young Minds into Innovators

An approved OEM vendor at GeM for the ATL Lab set up in schools.
Working with 300+ ATL Schools

The idea of “ABL” is conceptualized after decades of experience in Education, to develop “Activity Based Learning” in existing Education system. This resulted in a vision of creating an education environment which provides experiential learning for students, and also develop their mind in order to understand those concepts and apply them practically.

We leverage our intelligently curated technology tools & learning resources to foster 21st-century skills in kids by enabling them to tinker through Electronics, Coding, Robotics, IoT, and other STEM tools at an early age.

We have developed STEM and Robotics kits with the brand “MechanzO” which are used in 1000+ schools by 100000+ students PAN India.

We have a very competent team which includes the Eminent Advisors, Experienced Management, R&D team, STEM Mentors and Support team.

Awards & Recognition

  1.  NITI Aayog approved and validated vendor to set up the ATAL TINKERING LABS by NITI Aayog, Govt. Of India under MAKE IN INDIA initiative.
  2.  Appreciated by Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Ji for STEM concept back in 2008.
  3.  Proud recipient of MSME, GOI projects grant for the benefit of society.
  4.  Appreciated and featured in ET Now, famous Business News Channel for success in the project ‘Lufthansa Runway to Success’ programme.

About Teacher's Training

ATL is established as a workspace where young minds can give shape to their innovative ideas through the skills nurtured with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). But after working with 300+ ATL schools we realised that as schools are not exposed to latest technologies used in ATL so they are not able to draw the 100% desired outcome. Schools are either dependent on their ATL vendor/ External mentor or their teachers are partially utilising the resources. Teachers are not getting enough training to prepare themselves for ATL nor a structured grade wise curriculum.

Therefore, understanding this huge gap in the aspired outcome and ground real execution we are conducting a Residential Teacher’s Training program (in Noida) which is suitable for a school teacher even without any technical background to make your school Self-Enable to run and manage their ATL without compromising with outcome. We also provide the grade wise curriculum to the teachers for their students.

Moreover, an extra care is given to the schools, to get them free from hassles of compliances. Progressive schools can also rope in us to Audit ATL, decide an annual goal or vision for ATL and take our support in achieving that goal. We believe that until the long-term accountability is there then result of such programs can be questioned.

We are inviting School Management, Principals and Teachers to join a FREE WEBINAR “Enabling Schools to Transform their ATL in an Innovation Hub” on 3rd May 2023 or 10th May 2023 at 12 PM with your convenience.


Course Details: (An exhaustive course for Teachers who are managing ATL)

  •    Introduction to Electronics components & Soldering
  •    Automatic Door Bell
  •    Led Blinking
  •    Flip flop led flasher using BC 547
  •    Water level indicator
  •    Challenge
  •    RGB Led Blinking
  •    Led Chaser using RGB
  •    Challenge- Traffic Light
  •    Obstacle Detector using IR sensor
  •    Distance Measurement
  •    Challenge- Obstacle Indicator
  •    Switch Controlled LED
  •    Led fading
  •    Servo sweeping
  •    Challenge - Automatic opening and closing of door
  •    Interfacing of 7 segment display
  •    Challenge - Increment Counter with
  •    7 segment and IR sensor
  •    Interfacing of LCD
  •    Interfacing of L298D with Arduino
  •    Autonomous Robot
  •    Obstacle Avoider Robot
  •    Line Follower Robot
  •    Challenge - Wall Follower Robot
  •    Introduction to IoT and Cloud
  •    Weather monitoring system
  •    IoT based Irrigation system
  •    IoT based home automation
  •    Challenge - IoT based security system
  •    Introduction to Python and basic concepts
  •    Turtle module Design different geometrical shapes
  •    For loop Introduction and Increment Table with for loop
  •    Design different geometrical spirograph
  •    Introduction to function and it's argument
  •    Design different spirograph with function
  •    Introduction to List and it's methods
  •    Digital Clock animation
  •    Good night animation
  •    Turtle race game
  •    Ping pong game
  •    Space Invader game
  •    Challenge- Design game on Khelo India theme
  •    Introduction to Image Processing, Computer Vision and AI
  •    Read and show Image and video
  •    Draw shapes on Images
  •    Operation on images and videos
  •    Image Thresholding
  •    Image Blurring
  •    Edge Detection
  •    Challenge - Read your Image and apply all the methods
  •    Find Contour
  •    Face Detection using Haar Cascade Classifier
  •    Eye Detection using Haar Cascade Classifier
  •    Revision and Doubt Session
  •    Eye Detection using Haar Cascade Classifier

Important points to note:

  •    Ideal for: ATL Schools
  •    Timing: 10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
  •    Hands-on Activity Kit: Electronics, Robotics, IoT, Coding, AI.
  •    Duration: 10 days & 60 hours
  •    Venue: Sector 63, Noida


Teacher Training Features – Capacity Building:

  •    ATL Incharge/School Teachers which are not having technical background and are looking after ATL can attend this program
  •    Complete training is provided to the teachers along with teaching pedagogy in offline mode to demonstrate the functioning of all equipment.
  •    This residential training program in Noida will have separate batches in June’23.
  •    Till date more than 2000 teachers have been trained.
  •    Certificate will be provided at the end of the training.
  •    Teacher has to bring their own Laptop.
  •    Last date for Registration is 20th May 2023


ATL Curriculum Complimentary:

  •    We also share the procedure for assessments, assignments and projects for the students with the teachers for effective learning.
  •    Grade wise progressive curriculum of ATL activities will be provided.
  •    Curriculum covers topics such as Robotics, Electronics, Designing, Coding, AI, Internet of Things, STEM, 3D designing.
  •    Video sessions of projects, programs, presentations & datasheets are provided.

    Post Training:

    •    ABL EDUCATION will provides online content for students.
    •    Provide the consumables as and when required.
    •    Support in managing all compliances (such as PFMS, GeM, ATL Dashboard & Tranche 2 etc.).


    Fests/Functions/National Events/ Competitions:

    •    Support to organize Tinkerfest in School.
    •    Arrange GUEST LECTURES and INTERACTIONS with renowned stakeholders in relevant industry, academia from other schools and universities.
    •    Organize entrepreneurship talks by reputed TECH SPEAKERS
    •    Support in ATL audit


Attend the FREE Webinar on Experiential Learning by Expert on 3rd May 2023 or 10th May 2023. Register Here


Contact for any query:

Aparna Jha
Program Coordinator
M: +91-9211786061

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